The Team Behind The Dream

Ms. Marjorie Macaranas - Founder

For us to be on higher grounds in achieving our vision, we prioritize three most vital aspects –our people, our partners, and our products. Our people make up AMI’s backbone, so we highly regard the well-being of each within our company. And since AMI is about Success Beyond Limits – our customers’ satisfaction always comes first. Lastly, we work diligently to deliver excellence in our products and services, conforming to the highest standards. We believe that being consistent with these aspects will trigger us to the pinnacle of success. In the world of business, We always keep in mind and share these words from the great Aristotle – “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”



Samir Chalhoub - Co-Founder

I have a firm believe that AMI will always be a business with a heart. From the words of very credible entrepreneur, Frank Perdue, I know that if we indulge in unlimited quality and act in all our business dealings with total integrity, the rest will take care of itself.

The Team Behind The Dream

The Al-Misfat “team” goes beyond the definition of merely employees. The people of this company may be regarded as a family united with a common vision and passion for work. Key players in our pool of personnel are well-equipped and multi-skilled. Our workers adhere to a set of company guidelines coupled with impeccable work ethics, that surely makes Al-Misfat a company with integrity. Our company is backed up by a full-force competent array of personnel who will help make our mission possible.

Moreover, the Al-Misfat Management team is composed of highly-motivated individuals, who bring together ideas into action — and bring best action into results. There is diversity in culture, education and understanding, which makes us a beautiful combination of good character, exemplified knowledge and applicable skills. Together with these skilled and talented professionals, we are equipped with advanced technology integrated into our business process. In addition to these, we are proud to say that we have accreditations and certifications from the best in this industry.