About Us

Who We Are

Built on a very strong will to pursue a vision, a group of determined, equipped, and passion-driven people have dared to beat the odds. With such a profound interest in offering a wide range of products and services, AL-MISFAT INTEGRATED LLC has come to life in the trading, manufacturing, IT, contracting and consultancy industry

When the whole world struggled amidst an unfortunate viral crisis, businesses began to have massive setbacks that crippled most national economies. In spite of this, Al-Misfic: Integrated LLC put their right foot forward with a fiery passion to provide best services and superior quality products. We are a strong, persevering company, and yet competing already with world-class players in the industry.

As we take our part in commercial trading, Al-Misfat offers diversity in products ranging from Office Supplies, Hotel Supplies and Equipment, Medical Supplies, Safety Equipment, and School and Work Uniforms.

We also engage in the field of MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) services, Air Conditioning supplies and services, IT solutions and safety systems, Contracting services, and Consultancy services. Also, as a major contributor to the worldwide campaign in saving our environment, Al-Misfat is now a key player in the manufacturing and trading of non-woven eco bags.


The strength of one is the strength of all. We are cooperating partners with our suppliers, clients, and our very own employees.


As a young plant that nurtures and grows into a strong tree. Al-Misfat enriches itself with technical innovations and state-of-the-art facilities and processes.


We believe that we have a moral obligation to produce and deliver products and services of utmost value, quality and standard. It is also our concern to equip our personnel with the development and advanced skills that they deserve.


Our customers need comes as our priority. We listen to what they need and bring our transactions to a very satisfying level of quality and assurance. The welfare of our clientele is our main concern


As a whole company, we embed in our organization the value of honesty at work. Our service and products are proudly genuine because these are conducted with truthfulness and passion.


The pinnacle of all hard-work as we responsibly deliver our commitment with integrity to grow as a team and create meaningful and lasting partnerships.