BioGen Manufacturing


The concept of the existence of Bio Gen Manufacturing is rooted on the idea of life preservation. Earth conservation equates to life preservation. The manufacturing and trading industry that we engage in takes business and responsibility to a combined level) We do business without compromising our better way of life.

The effect of climate change is slowly taking. its toll on our motherland. Greenhouse effect, plastic wastes, air and water pollution are no less than the major villains against nature. Our earths the only abode we have —‘so we act now. Fortunately, many governments from, different nations have recognized this urgent concern, and they have been acting on this issue)-Oman is now part of this worthy cause. Moving forward, Bio Gen.wants to be a responsible element in this advocacy.



Bio Gen Manufacturing will play an integral part in restoring the beauty and serenity of Mother Earth. As much as Bio Gen is a thriving business, it is more so an advocate for humanity’s healthy survival. We are committed to conduct manufacturing and trading activities that conform to optimal environmental standards. We will always be on track in promoting all endeavors that help save the earth’s natural resources. The Bio Gen way is in line with the preservation and protection of our earth.


The road taken by Bio Gen has a strong foundation based on the moral and social obligation to be responsive to nature’s call. We want Bio Gen to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of Eco-friendly bags and packaging all throughout Oman, and eventually overseas. We aspire to utilize state-of-the-art technology in our business processes while using all methods that conform to environmental standards. Bio Gen will soon become the top-notch supplier of bags and packaging that will help save our environment from chemical damages and intoxication.


Responsibility => We are obliged to make a valuable share in keeping our earth conducive to better living conditions. Bio Gen believes that its business is made up of all economical, social and biological concerns.

Innovation => The use of the latest technology is very important for Bio Gen to achieve its goal of providing Eco-friendly products to its clientele. We invest in R & D to make way for better methods and thereby give better solutions.

Service  => Best service to our customers conveys service to Mother Earth. The quality of our distributed products serves the very purpose of how Bio Gen acts as a catalyst for life preservation.

Encouragement => Bio Gen conducts)business with integrity and hope. We Want to contribute in promoting massive information campaign on environmental issues. Our goal is to persuade each and every household and business to utilize all means in protecting our natural resources.


The totality of manpower that makes up Bio Gen Manufacturing is focused on a united goal to deliver the best line of products to the most number of customers all over. Each and every personnel within the company is persevering to achieve the protective mission that Bio Gen is set to do. From the production workers up to the professional directors and managers, we are eyeing the same target — to manufacture and distribute environment-friendly bags and packaging materials and promote the ‘green movement’ for the common good. We realize that we only have one earth — and now is the time to act deeply on preserving it for generations to come.



As Bio Gen promotes the principle of environment care and earth preservation, we are also keen on doing business transactions with companies that share the same advocacy and mission. We firmly believe that we must all adapt to the current environmental issues of the world because the effects are very alarming. The actions and resolutions that we and our partners will do now will have a pivotal effect on what is to come in the future. Based on this, we have acquired the support and collaboration to do business with some of the best companies in Oman. We are proud to have been in connection with the following clients and partners:

BioGen Manufacturing (Non-woven PP Ecobags)


Bio Gen Manufacturing offers a wide variety of non-woven eco bags that are totally environment and user-friendly, economical, durable, and even very sleek and fashionable. Products come in different colors, sizes and variations — all items are fully-customizable based on customer requirements.


The main reason that has single-handedly driven the change from plastic to non-woven bags is that they do not harm the environment. Also, unlike paper bags, they are not made by chopping off trees. Eco-friendly bags are the need of the present times.

Reusable and Lightweight:

Non-woven bags offer the advantage of being used multiple times. They can be easily washed and used over and over again. These bags are extremely light in weight. Convenient and effective, non-woven bags make a perfect companion when you are on the go.


One of the biggest advantages of non-woven bags is their durability. They are made by bonding long and short fibers through a chemical formula. This makes them strong. The bags cannot be torn easily and are, therefore, long-lasting.


Since these bags are 100% recyclable, non-woven bags play an essential role in conserving the environment. While paper bags can only be recycled up to a maximum of three times, non-woven bags can be recycled multiple times.

Liquid repellent:

The fabric, which is used to make non-woven bags, is liquid repellent in nature. This makes the bags effective even during rainy season.


Non-woven shopping bags are very affordable and offer value for money. They are cheaper, compared to plastic and paper bags, and easily Jit in anyone’s budget.

Offer easy storage:

Storing these bags is a very easy thing to do. They are foldable and can be stacked in cabinets, drawers, etc. They take up the least space and are also portable.

Offer effective ventilation:

The close-knit pattern of non-woven bags offers enough ventilation to the products being carried. This benefits when food products such as sweets or vegetables need to be transported.

Effective branding tool:

Based on the customer’s requirement, they can be created according to the product that needs to be packaged or carried in them. This flexibility helps them become one of the most effective branding tools. Companies can easily get them printed in the colors of their choice along with their logos and motto.


Bio Gen offers non-woven bags in various colors, designs and sizes. With this amazing range of colors and styles available in the market, they help you raise your style factor.