AMI Security and Safety Services

About Us

This highly equipped innovative company, AMI Security and Safety Solutions is located in the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat, and was founded in 2004. AMI Security is intricately managed by a very professional IT engineer whose professional skills is backed by many years of experience in the field of Electronics, Security Systems, Software Development, Enterprise data Center Designing and Project Management.

We have been very privileged to be partners with international technology leaders as we aim to provide effective solutions, from the initial needs assessment to systems engineering, design and provisioning thru installation, and on-going systems operation and maintenance.

AMI Security and Safety Solutions bring results oriented and innovative solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Our company has paved the way in bridging the gap between the needs of the customers and the currently available modern technology which have very practical applications that support and contribute to business development in Oman.

AMI Security and Safety Solutions’ has expertise on the following fields

  • Data Network Wiring and Installations
  • Wireless Ethernet Distribution
  • Voice Over IP Telephony (IP PBX)
  • CCTV Installation and Configuration
  • Burglar, Gas and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Central Smart Access Control Systems
  • Standalone Digital and Biometric Electronic Locks
  • Attendance Systems
  • Electric Gate Systems
  • Video Door Phone Systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Gate Automation System
  • Shutter System
  • Barrier System
  • Satellite System


The name that the company carries stands on a strong foundation of business trust, professionalism, and quality assurance. Because our core principle revolves around security and safety, it is very important that our partners and customers are reciprocated with the trust they bestowed. This complementation is through our projects which are characterized by accuracy, proper planning, high quality products and on-time delivery.

Although the company is challenged with great opportunities every day, we always manage to step forward and acquire the best technologies that are most applicable to our customer’s needs. We work on our powerful principle of working smart and improving steadily on the great slope to success.

Here at AMI, our customers ask, we deliver, we coordinate and implement, and we always make things happen.

“Cyber security is much more than a matter of IT.”


With our very skilled and highly experienced professional experts, we target to make a big difference by transforming security-related skills and experience to deliver security solutions to our clients. Our goal is to professionally partner with our clients thru our training, consultancy, implementation, and project management. This kind of partnership will ensure our clients of the most innovative security and automation services to catapult their business to a more secure seat of success.

Our whole company maintains a high level of ethical standards when it comes to delivering our expertise and laying them down on the table. In this field of security and safety, our clients trust is very important to us. We want to maintain a good working relationship that makes our clients more confident in utilizing our services over and over again. This kind of business trust promotes confidence, equates to proficiency, maximizes productivity, and delivers profitability.

“Security and safety starts with awareness. Awareness starts with YOU.”


As competitive as the market develops in Oman, the need for a more secure business environment is also evidently growing. We dream of being the major key that will open the vast doors of security automation and better safety implementations. Eventually, we want all businesses to be more systematic and empowered when carrying out their day to day transactions with utmost ease and confidence. We also want that all personnel in any business is trained to be aware of the needed security measures and that all are vigilant in implementing such measures.

Our safety solutions include the development of powerful software intended to meet the customer’s unique demands. Our highly skilled specialists are equipped with years of experience to deliver applicable and effective solutions to customers while meeting time and budget specifications.

With our services, our clients can be assured that security and safety implementations are compliant with international standards and compatible with the current local conditions.

“Security is not just a product, but it is a process.”


Since AMI Security and Safety Solutions is lead by a very prolific IT engineer, it is but fitting that it is also filled with quality trained and vastly experienced team of experts in all its departments. As the company relies on very modern and high tech information, data, hardware and applications, its major backbone is a carefully selected pool of employees composed of programmers, hardware specialists, engineers, scientists, technicians and the top and middle management people. Each and every personnel is a key factor that makes AMI bring the best projects, products and services that the customers deserve.


Because we want to always deliver the best to clients, we rationally maintain partnerships with very credible companies for us to have the best available resources and technology. We are currently in great partnerships with the following corporations, just to name a few:

  • Official dealer of HIKVSION Products….
  • Official dealer of BFT Products …
  • Reseller for PYRONIX …
  • Reseller for ZKTECO CO. LTD. …



AMI has accomplished Hundreds of business buildings and domestic projects that include Electronic lock, Road Barrier, Loop detecter, CCTV, Access Control, motorized gated, hydrollic motors PABX, Data networks, burglar and fire alarm, Music and Satellite System.

AMI has more than 18yrs of work experience in Oman. the staff has strong technical skills in Electrical and /Automation/ Communication/SCADA System projects and smart grid technologies.


Ministry of Health

Al Arabia has designed and installed Data Fiber Cable and Wi-Fi internet system.


Al Arabia has installed Digital Electronic lock and hydrolic heavy duty motor with GSM Dialer system.

Al Moheet

Proton has designed and installed CCTV, Access control, PABX system and data system, security burglar and fire alarm systems.

Al Burkan

Proton has designed and installed CCTV, Access control loop along with Road barrier.

Al Mouj

Proton has installed Remote Automatic Gate motor, Access control Digital electronic locks and Road barrier system.

Al Khalili Group

Proton has designed and installed CCTV Access control Finger print and data voice system.

Harweel Integrated

Proton has installed Road barrier system, loop and finger print system.


Proton has installed Digital Electronic locks and loop along with Road barrier system.

Al Bashayer Medical Center

Proton has designed and installed CCTV, Access control, PABX system and data system.


Proton has installed Access control Digital electronic locks and loop along with Road barrier system.


Proton has installed Digital Electronic locks and loop along with Road barrier system.

Majan College

Proton has designed and installed CCTV, Access control Finger print and data system.