Premium Clients

When Al-Misfat deals with multi-faceted forms of trading locally, we are fortunate to be working with very outstanding and reliable business partners as suppliers and clients as well. We have also tied-up with very credible and expert companies which have made us more confident and professional in dealing with our business-to-business transactions and implementations.

Being connected with such companies help Al-Misfat heighten the quality of products and services to a different level. For our medical supplies and safety uniform items, we have a partnership with a well-known premium supplier in UAE. On the other hand, our IT solutions endeavor is in collaboration with a high-end company that specializes in technical consultation, strategic consulting,cyber security, infrastructure and information technology solutions.

As the evolving trading process increases competition and helps lower market prices, it provides benefits to consumers by raising the purchasing power of their own income, and leads a rise in consumer surplus. As our goal is largely dominant on a customer-oriented approach, we build working rela-tionships with credible companies that share equal passion for product excellence and service that exceeds plain solutions.

Some of our highly appreciated clients are the following

  • Petroleum Development Oman
  • M-Genesis Trading Company
  • Al-Misfat Equipment Company
  • Samir Chalhoub Partner Transport Trading Company
  • Muhammed Ashraf Trading Company
  • Almisfat Equipment Company
  • Fahood Falcon Trading
  • AA Group of Company