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As Al-Misfat is certainly a kind of company that adheres to global and national standards, we are very honored to be included as a third-party accredited company of one of the most credible certification body in Asia. We are now part of a global standardization campaign that aims to produce superior quality of products and services, and thereby also making companies and institutions appropriate for competing in the international market.

ISO certification in Asia covers almost all the domains and different industrial sectors. In addition to these, Al-Misfat is now also a professional consulting company, which aims to uplift professional image, enhance the performance and productivity of the whole company, maximize the profit as a major objective of a developing company, and help companies follow and promote international quality standards of their products and services.

Benefits of ISO Certifications

It helps achieve continuous improvement and develop customer satisfaction. It provides easy access to the procedures, policies, and documents whenever required with no time delay ISO registration and certification helps a company in attaining sustainability in the national and potentially, the global market ISO can be a one-stop solution for requirements of customers, vendors, stakeholders, and all other interested parties of the organization A company certified with ISO can increase its brand value because ISO is the most prominent certification body in the world A company certified with ISO can streamline the processes and achieve process improvement.