Products Trading

Medical Supplies and Equipment

We are steadily becoming a key player in the industry of supplying single use and re-useable medical supplies to health organizations within the region. With dedicated distributorships with leading manufacturers, Al-Misfat has an inventory of sufficient stocks for timely delivery to clients to maintain our personal service.

We are offering a comprehensive range |AL Mis P8,jpgroducts backed by competitive delivery time and customer service. The medical industry is an ever changing industry and Al-Misfat will be at the fore front of these advancements. Our mission is about people, their health, and their future.


Hotel Supplies and Equipment

Al-Misfat gives the best standard in the hospitality industry when it comes to products and services that leading hotels offer so that their guests will feel at home. We come up with personalized hospitality solutions to our hotel and resort partners to ensure that high customer satisfaction is met in all aspects of quality, design, price and delivery.

As a company that strives to excel in offering solutions and services to our valued clients in the hospitality industry, our goal is to bring quality customer service support and delivery done in a timely manner. Our products range from quality bathroom and spa amenities that range from premium luxury brands to customized products. To keep up with the growing needs of the industry, we have likewise extended our trading to hotel room furniture and hotel personne! equipment and tools as well as bed and bathroom collections, with the same dedication to quality and on-time delivery.

We supply competitively priced branded, signature and customized bed and bath accessories, including paraben-free skin products, for hotel and spa guests.

Our wide variety of in-room amenities is a product of high quality consistency and designed to give comfort to hotel and resort guests.

Office Supplies

We are one of the best suppliers of affordable office supplies, and papers product in the region. We offer our high quality and standardized line of products for private and public sector clients. Our customer-focused personnel and technology specialists are trained to assist clients about the best products and services to fulfill their company’s needs.

Al-Misfat is more than just an office supplier. We have been working with a variety of businesses and offices businesses for many years and understand their business needs. With the launch of our Al-Misfat website and online services, we will make procurement with us even more convenient and efficient, leaving you more time to concentrate on what is important to you … your core business.


Safety Uniform and Equipment

Al-Misfat plays a vital role in a hands-on worker’s life. In an industrial uniform, fabric quality and durability plays a big part in enduring the harsh and demanding conditions in a work site.

As an industrial clothing supplier, we ensure that our industrial safety uniform design is rugged, dependable, and follows the protocol for work and weather conditions in the field.

We offer a wide range of Coveralls, Security Uniforms, Safety Wear etc. We also provide important accessories like Safety Shoes, Gloves, Helmets and more. Safety Coveralls come in single and 2-pc suit. We also trade multi pocket vests, safety jackets, safety accessories. No safety uniform is complete without adequate safety accessories such as Safety Caps & Welder’s Gloves – Safety Shoes and Safety Helmets.


Professional and School Uniforms

Al-Misfat covers a wide selection of work and school uniforms. We are one of the most competitive suppliers of Uniforms for Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Home Textile and Promotional Wear. Our world-known supplier is backed with many years of collective experience in designing, manufacturing and sourcing This accumulated experience and expertise gives Al-Misfat the edge of providing our customer a massive advantage when it comes to their uniforms and work garments.

We offer the highest quality products with competitive prices and provide the outstanding customer service to all our valued customers. We soon want to become the best and competitive supplier of uniforms and promotional items for corporation and business globally.

We do all our uniform sourcing from local and international suppliers who have the best range of all the fabrics and materials required to produce the uniforms for all the industries we cater.

Al-Misfat’s prime focus is to deliver quality products with excellent customer service. We monitor the quality standards very closely from acquisition of stocks up to the delivery to the client, ensuring that our uniforms offer excellent value for money and suits client requirements. We aim to create long term business relationship with our customers by consistently seeking to exceed their expectations at all times with our excellent customer service and support.