IT Services

IT Solutions and Support

Al-Misfat is also offering IT solutions service to some SMEs’ to help them develop into more competitive companies in their field. We are proud to be of service to small and medium companies in need of information technology expertise as applied to their office systems and operations. We are in  connection with a certified pool of programmers and IT experts, who work hand in hand to deliver the perfect solution to our old and new clients.

Al-Misfat caters to a wide range of business fields and industries hat are in need of technological advancements to be incorporated in their type of operations. Again, by providing the technology that these companies need, we are able to create partnerships that benefit both entities.

Al-Misfat Security and Safety Systems


Our very progressive system of operations has brought us to this passion of ever developing our line of products and services. Another major advancement that we have undertaken is our engagement into the security and safety systems field. We have partnered with some of the finest technology leaders and began the Al-Misfat Security and Safety Systems (from our IT Services division). Our pool of IT experts and engineers has applicable experiences in electronics, safety systems, software engineering, project management and enterprise data center designing.

At Al-Misfat Security and Safety Systems, we transform security-related skills and experiences to deliver our utmost security services to our clients. We promote the sense of awareness of individuals and institutions regarding the importance of acquiring automated security systems and advanced safety measures.

We deliver optimum solutions to our clients by developing powerful software
coupled with a very rigidly developed automated interface, which will bring about the kind of security that the customers are looking for.

Our provision for security includes, but not limited to:

  • Voice-over IP Telephony
  • Wireless Ethernet Distribution
  • CCTV Installation and Configuration
  • Data Network Wiring and Installations
  • Burglar, Gas and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Central Smart Access Control Systems
  • Shutter System, Barrier System, Satellite System
  • Stand-alone Digital and Biometric Electronic Locks
  • Attendance Systems, Electronic Gate Systems
  • Video Door Phone Systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Gate Automation Systems