Our Values Make Us Stand Out

Our Values

Al-Misfat is a very responsible company — sensitive when it comes to our actions, our products, our business transactions. and our environment. We give priority to service and satisfaction — our customers’ needs are very important to us, and so we take action in producing the best results to deliver. We practice consistency and integrity — we take pride in doing our business with honesty, efficiency and professionalism.


Our company boasts of its high quality products and definitive services that will provide the needs and solutions to our clients. As a determined and young organization, we always make things happen. We are doing business not only for ourselves, but also for our customers’ business development and the welfare of society as well.

Al-Misfat is very keen on complying with global quality standards of products and services, which will result to client satisfaction and recommendation. Al-Misfat envisions evolving the quality of products and services to a heightened level with innovation and tech-nology utilization.

We move forward to bring trading, consulting, contracting and manufacturing business in Oman to a status of excellence and premium standards. We always work hard on our organizational development to be an exemplary provider of superb quality products and services.

Al-Misfat will continue to upgrade the level of customer satisfaction by aiming higher than what we have previously attained. As a young and aggressive key player in the industry, we are very determined and proactive — we will become better and reach success beyond limits!