Contracting Services

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services (MEP Work)
and AC Supplies, Installation and Services

We also offer MEP works including electrical works for commercial and industrial sector; mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans for building construction; plumbing and sanitation plans and projects. Products and services for our MEP Works also include: fire alarm and firefighting systems; HVAC and exhaust ducting system; and many more. Our mechanical and engineering work comply with relevant industry and technical safety standards.


Supplies & Services:

Pipes, Fittings, Flanges and Valves in all dimensions, tolerances, and specifications; Piping Fabrication & Erection; Chemical Injection Skids, filtration Skids; Structural Steel; Grp / Frp Products; Industrial Mechanical Installation Works.

Specialization in the field of electrical engineering delivers services and solutions for all types of business sectors.

Direct Supply:

Cable Management Systems; Electrical Cables; Lighting & Small Power Systems; Transformers; AC Motors; Electronic Valves and Tubes; Explosion ā€” proof Junction Boxes; UPS & Battery Systems; Industrial Electrical Consumables Items; DG Sets; Satellite Receivers; Hotels and Restaurants Kitchen Equipment; Oil Field and Gas Equipment and Supplies; Parts of Heavy Motorized Equipment; Oil and Its By-Products; Industrial Chemicals; Spare Parts (excluding vehicle parts) .


Installation of 11kv/33kv substations; Installation of UPS & Battery Systems; Installation of LV/MV overhead lines in 11kV & 33kV sector; Maintenance of Water Pumps; Maintenance of Cooling Chambers; Switchgear Installations works; Lighting & Small Power Systems; Electrical Testing & Commissioning Industrial Electrical Installation Work; Construction and Civil Engineering Heavy Equipment and Maintenance thereof

Glass Work (Installation and Services)


  • Plain Glass
  • Toughened (Tempered Glass)
  • Laminated Glass
  • Lacquered (Colored) Glass
  • Glass Blocks
  • Pillars, Bricks O Mirrors


  • Patch Fittings
  • Floor Springs
  • Locks, Door Handles
  • Glass Connectors
  • Night Head Accessories
  • Shower Hinges, Handles and Knobs
  • Glass Canopy Series
  • Glass Sliding System
  • PVC and Magnetic Seal
  • Spider Fittings, Steel ā€œUā€ Channels Glazing Profile
  • Railing Accessories
  • Spigot, Slotted Tube

Glass Designing:

  • Printing, Clear Coloring Etching
  • Staining
  • Full Staining Staining with White Coating
  • Polishing Deep Work
  • Glass Trophies Decorative Coated Glass Fancy Table and Table Tops